We help counsel children.

Through a range of programs and services, The CPN Children's Foundation offers specialized therapy, counseling, and attentive care to children, youth, and families with complicated issues.
Significant social, emotional, and developmental impairments and disabilities, as well as difficulties resulting from a history of trauma, are just a few of the difficulties our clients encounter.

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Our mission and Vision

Our Mission:
Helping kids
, their families, and the world overcome difficult obstacles.

Our Vision:
Communities where every child has the chance for the best possible growth and development and where every family is able to give their children the finest care possible.

What we Do

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Feeding hungry Children

With your generous contribution, we can help feed children to focus on their education.

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Educating Children

Education is a United Nations fundamental Human right for all children.Our foundation helps children to acquire these basic rights.

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Every child needs basic care irrespective of their status.We help provide clothing and shelter to ensure they belong to a family.

we Care for Children

The CPN Children’s Foundation is working to secure our future . Help us make sure that we are there for children and families for years to come. Owning our facility out right will provide greater predictability and control over our occupancy costs and help us focus resources and energy on the services children, families, and community need.

What we do

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Donate to our orphanage project

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This is the site of our projected orphanage.We request your kind donations to help funding this project to make this a reality.

We aspire to use the donations to help feed children, educate them, cloth them,house them for free.Apart from construction of the orphanage building,we will need to buy items like computers and gadgets to use to educate chilidren, slide projectors, chess sets,food stuff,children's clothing,children's furniture and stationeries,children's textbooks to use to educate the children et cetera.

We educate children in schools on the benefits of charity, children's rights,search engine optimization skills in digital marketing,computer education and brain training through the board game, chess.

Contact us now as a school proprietor or custodian of children's welfare to educate your children for free as our commitment to serving God.