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about us

Our mission and Vision

Our Mission:
Helping kids
, their families, and the world overcome difficult obstacles.

Our Vision:
Communities where every child has the chance for the best possible growth and development and where every family is able to give their children the finest care possible.

we Care for Children

The CPN Children’s Foundation is working to secure our future . Help us make sure that we are there for children and families for years to come. Owning our facility out right will provide greater predictability and control over our occupancy costs and help us focus resources and energy on the services children, families, and community need.


About the founder

Alebiosu Omoseye Justin is the founder of CPN Children's Foundation. He set up his charity foundation for the purpose of caring for children.He cares about children and passionately enlighten's them on children's rights, computer education and the benefits of compassion and service to humanity.

Justin is a certified SEO Expert(Search engine optimization), a digital marketing field, a computer software consultant, an avid chess player and a human rights campaigner who sees the need to educate children on their rights so that they can be protected according to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights policy.

For schools and institutions that need a children's counsellor or educator, contact Justin on 08066894470 or send him an email to info@cpnseomarketing.com.ng

Children are precious gifts from God and deserve care, love and quality education.